World leading workshop fitting company
MAHA stands for high-tech vehicle inspections and workshop fitting. As one of the most productive manufacturers, the company supplies workshop fitting that covers the entire range from test benches and vehicle lifts to various inspection devices for cars, utility vehicles, motorbikes and special-purpose vehicles. With the option of linking individual test devices to form universal test lanes, MAHA has become a skilled technical partner all over the world. MAHA products meet the highest quality standards, represent reliability and a long service life and satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Founded by Winfried Rauch in 1969, the company has since become a pioneer in many areas of workshop fitting. As a company that pioneers and inspires, we enjoy exploring new avenues. Our many years of experience and innovative technical developments allow us to lead the market.

MAHA employs over 1,200 workers in over 150 countries worldwide and is represented internationally by agencies and its own branch offices. This allows customers the world over to be provided with high-quality testing and lifting equipment. The lean company structures and direct communication channels allow products to be adapted to suit the legislation of each country with great flexibility. With a commitment to providing quality, reliability and value for money.

In addition to hardware, MAHA provides powerful software solutions for linking test systems. This is accompanied by consulting services for the planning and implementation of construction projects and efficient direct check-in. The company’s skills thus extend far beyond pure machine engineering.

Standard product or customised solution
MAHA’s customers include vehicle workshops, inspection bodies, vehicle manufacturers and governmental organisations, with all of them relying on innovative MAHA technology in their development, maintenance and quality control. Alongside the extensive standard product ranges in the various segments, the Allgäu workshop fitting company provides expandable modular customised solutions for individual needs. The products are developed in Germany and produced at the company headquarters in Haldenwang near Kempten or in the nearby manufacturing plants in Allgäu, with a large portion of the components manufactured in-house. This allows high quality standards to be maintained in all product lines. The company’s numerous certifications to international industrial standards are testimony to this.

Professional service
MAHA makes a point of providing optimum customer care throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Accordingly, the Allgäu workshop fitting company operates its own customer service department. The highly effective team provides installation, servicing, repair and calibration of workshop equipment.

Active environmental protection
MAHA is committed to protecting our environment and preventing waste of resources and is also involved in cross-sector climate-protection initiatives and is active in promoting sustainable business.

Facts & figures
64,775 brake test benches
14,415 dynamometers
54,328 lifts
13,723 emission testers/diagnostic units
71,460 service jobs

(from company foundation in 1969 to 31 March 2014)